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Our Ayurveda Doctors & Therapists

Ayurveda House is run and managed by certified and Government approved and highly educated B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) doctors having medical education degrees and vast experience in the field of Ayurveda treatments and therapies. Our associate staff are also well learned and education in Ayurveda procedures.

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Meet our Ayurveda Doctors

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Dr. Kusum Rana

Dr. Kusum is a well renowned lady Ayurvedic doctor who studied her Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery for five and half year from Rajiv Gandhi University and is registered under C.C.I.M. (Center Council of Indian Medicine). To help people in all possible ways, she did a Diploma in Drug Patenting and one year Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy. Dr. Kusum after completing her course in Diet and Nutrition is treating people around the world at her center. She is very famous and is known for her caring and curing attitude as she is strongly on the belief that Ayurvedic treatments works the best, when the person is happy and relaxed.

Dr. Kusum learned pulse reading and diagnosing the diseases with it, from very well known pulse readers and Ayurvedic experts of India. She treats people for various problems by giving Psychological and Systemic consultations. Dr. Kusum has beem practicing ethical Ayurveda since 2005 and treating people with herbs and other purificatory therapies with good results. She is well qualified in western medicine too, thereby dealing with all the problems and emergencies accordingly. Dr. Kusum is working in her center all the year around, so the services can be availed anytime.


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Dr. Aashish Rana

Dr. Ashish Rana is an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, registered under C.C.I.M. (center council of Indian system of Medicine). After completing his B.A.M.S. from highly reputed Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, he did post graduation in Panchkarma & Kshaarsutra. Due to his strong belief in Ayurveda, he did a Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy, so that he can help people more in different ways according to condition and requirement.

He has been delivering lectures and attending various Ayurvedic conferences in different places in order to explore Ayurveda, as he Believes there is no limit of learning. Because of his polite nature and skillful hands, he is very common among the western people. As he is amazingly explaining the complex theories of Ayurveda in very simple and understandable language to all.

Dr. Ashish has been genuinely practicing Ayurveda since 2004 and treating people from all over the world with ethical and Classical panchkarma therapies & medicines for the benefit of mankind. His knowledge is not limited to Ayurvedic medicines, but is also very much qualified in western medicines and is therefore also dealing with medical emergencies and helping one and all. Dr. Ashish works throughout year in his clinic, so is available to the people for general consultations, chronic problems and panchkarma treatments.

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