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Ayurveda Wellness Retreats

Living a hectic life ?? Relax & Revitalize with our residential Ayurveda wellness retreats in the beautiful nature blessed location in Dharamsala, the God’s own land in Himachal, North of India.

yoga and ayurveda wellness retreats in india

5 Days Wellness retreat in the Himalayas

Ayurveda house invites you for 5 days individual Ayurveda wellness retreat workshop for relaxation & rejuvenation. We assure you physical & mental well being with the help of natural therapies. After this retreat you will feel the new energy with a open mind and you are again set to go for the hectic life with positive energies.

The retreat covers :
1. Initial consultation regarding channels, blockages and dosha constitution with our Ayurveda experts.
2. Daily relaxing treatments like abhyangam  and steam bath.
3. Herbal formulations for cleansing.
4. Followed by Nasyam and Shiro dhara.
5. Dietary & activity advice according to individual’s constitution.
6. Peaceful homely stay with Ayurvedic panchkarma food.

7 Days Detoxification retreat in the Himalayas

This retreat is the best rejuvenation and detoxification wellness retreat in a peaceful environment that offers a holistic approach to cleanse your inner and mental blockages. With our expert guidance and Ayurveda procedures, you will surely find a new You.. so why a wait.. come and discover yourself..

The retreat covers:
1. Your initial diagnosis of dosha and blocked channels as well as accumulation of toxins (ama) in the body.
2. Peaceful homely stay with Ayurvedic Panchkarma food.
3. Daily intake of herbal medicines orally.
4. Rejuvenating therapies including massages with herbal oils/ powder and steam bath.
5. Treatment also includes nasyam, basti, Shiro dhara and purificatory methods.
6. Kati basti and jaanu basti treatments if recommended.
7. Dietary recommendations during and after the treatment.
8. Herbal recommendations for better health.

10 Days Rejuvenation retreat in the Himalayas

In our day to day life we have become so busy & stressed that we have almost forgot how to take care of ourselves. Because of that we are holding a lot of toxins physically & mentally which is affecting our health in some way or other and leading to blockages of different channels. Ayurveda House proposes this 10 days retreat for getting rid of these problems and for regaining your  health with a strong immunity and positive mind.

The retreat covers:
1. Consultation with experts to know your body status and dosha balances and imbalances.
2. Herbal intakes- in the form of pills, medicated ghees and oils.
3. Detoxing and distressing massages and steam baths.
4. Followed  by Nasyam and shiro dhara.

5. Bastis – alternating oil and decoction bastis to strengthen your colon.
6. Triggering the marmas (vital energy giving points) to release toxins out and open the energy channels.
7. Diet and activity consultations during and after the treatment.
8. Peaceful accommodation in a natural environment with ayurvedic  panchkarma food.

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