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Long term Ayurveda Courses

For those who want to expand their knowledge of Ayurveda healing therapy and learn the core fundamentals of Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments and benefit people, we have long term Ayurveda certification courses for you. you are free to choose our residential programmes or non residential as seats are limited, so try to enroll yourself well in advance.

Ayurveda Course dates : Generally our Ayurveda courses starts 1st & 15th of every month but we do organize the courses as per applications received. Please let us know your dates of arrival for fixing a seat for you at your convenient time.

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15 days Ayurveda Massage Course

Course teaching about Marmas, the energy giving Pressure points, how to work on them with different oils for better Functioning of channels (Srotas) of the body. This massage course help to know various techniques of ayurvedic massage and use of different oils on the body.

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1 month ayurveda Massage Course

A course that helps to have deeper knowledge of ayurveda and ayurveda massage.This course teach about basics of ayurveda, tridoshas (air, fire and water), five basic elements, their relation to the body, different types of massages i.e. general body massage, deep tissue massage, yogic massage, marma massage etc. including details of the Marmas (pressure points), how to work on them with different ayurvedic oils to make free from the toxins, various techniques of ayurvedic massage, the benefits and preparation of herbal oils.


1st WEEK: Introduction, meaning of Ayurveda, meaning of massage,basics of Ayurveda, history of Ayurveda, anatomy and physiology of the body, basics of ayurveda massage, Marmas of the head, channels (Srotas) of the body, tridoshas viz. Vata (air), Pitta (Fire), Kapha (Water), Seven dhatus, trigunas (Mental traits), Marmas of face, techniques of massage on head and face, along with practice sessions

2nd WEEK: Panchmahabhootas (five basic elements of universe), vibrations of massage, massage and strokes, cleansing massage, massage and health, time period and Saptadhatus, time according to the age, Marmas of the back, advantages of the massage, mental benefits, Marmas of the stomach, unsuitable people for the massage, Marmas of the chest, massage and relaxation, techniques of massage on Stomach and chest, along with the practice sessions.

3rd WEEK: Massage of the pregnant women and new born baby, Panchkarma and its utility, relation of panchmahabhootas,trigunas and tridoshas, Marmas of hand and arm, basic knowledge of the herbs, cleansing diet, Marmas of throat, Massage as a daily practice, massage and exercise, ashtanga of Ayurveda, Marmas of the upper leg, massage techniques on arm, hand, upper leg, along with practice sessions.

4th WEEK: Body constitution of the person and the diet accordingly, oil study with different seasons, MARMAS of the foot, study of Ayurvedic herbs, oils suitable according to the body type of a person, preparation of Ayurvedic oils at your home, massage techniques on lower leg, back of the leg and foot Along with practice sessions of the full body.

In last receiving the CERTIFICATE on successful completion of the one month Ayurvedic massage course…

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3 months Ayurveda Diploma Course

The course enable you to become a trained Ayurvedic therapist and healer. As this course offers you the basics of Ayurveda i.e Vata (air), Pitta (fire), Kapha (water), their importance in the body and their relation with the food and five basic elements of the universe. Various types of massages, preparation and uses of different types of Ayurvedic oils, treating people with Panchkarma, knowing about diseases from Ayurvedic point of view and treating them with natural herbs and natural elements including the study of foot reflexology with special sessions of Spiritual Energy Massage (Chakra).

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