Role of Ayurveda & Yoga in COVID 19

The novel corona virus is very unique which has challenged health care systems and immunity across the globe. It has drawn attention to the immune system, the body’s defence mechanism against bacteria, virus and other organisms which we inhale and ingest all the time.

The Covid 19 crisis has led to high levels of psychological distress due to which immune system is affected, which further leads to increased risk of viral- respiratory tract infection and also many studies are suggestive of that poor mental health conditions including stress and depression are associated with increased risk of acute respiratory infections. Because of pandemic, people from all over the world are in panic, all the schools, cities, everything is closed and this is a critical time as everybody has to stay at their home with their family due to lockdown and other restrictions. Due to these restrictions people are mostly living a sedentary lifestyle which not only weakens their immune system but also make them susceptible towards infections.

Ayurveda as everybody is familiar, is the oldest science ever existed. The classical Ayurvedic text CharakaSamhita mentioned about epidemic management and defines immunity as the ability to prevent the progression of diseases for maintaining health. Ayurveda lays great stress on building strength of body and mind so as to deal with mental stress and physical infections.

Ayurveda explains many treatments for boosting the immune system like Rasayanas. Other supportive treatments like herbal decoctions, hot water consumption, gargling with medicated water and steam inhalation.Ayurveda has many fundamental principles such as Dinacharya (Daily Routine), Ritucharya (Seasonal routine), sadvritta (Ethical regime), Vyadhikshamatva (Immune system), Rasayana  & Vajikarana.



The power of body’s resistance to prevent the development of any disease is called vyadhikshamatva or body’s defence mechanism or IMMUNITY.

During this pandemic, it became more important to follow our daily routine/regime, which starts from waking up early in the morning (BRAHMA MUHURTA). Brushing our teeth, scrapping our tounge, rinsing mouth and drinking hot or warm water. Decoction made up of ginger, cinnamon and jaggery and tea made up of tulsi or mint or cinnamon with jaggery. These herbal teas boost our energy by keeping our agni( DIGESTIVE FIRE) strong.

Pranayama strengthen our immune system and cleanse our channels including respiratory and lymphatic systems. Pranayama will maintain the balance of OJAS (strength) and PRANA (vital life force) in our body.